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ETA : Mid Of October

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35MM LOMO AQUA PIX Waterproof Camera

COLOR AVAILABLE: Yellow, orange, red, green, purple, white, deep pink, light pink, dark blue, sky blue

ADD NEW: Flowers, sea, Hawaii, fat bear, love, Winnie the Pooh

**The casing will comes with random color either in pink or blue color.

Please state which color your prefer, We reserve the rights to exchange your color if the color ^out of stock^

Camera Description
(Please follow the instructions correctly used, otherwise invalid or ineffective, refer to the following color pictures)
1. A good film shown after installation, the direction of the arrow toggle Film round, remember to arrows prevail, or easy to damage the camera, until the allocation of fixed date.
2. Through the viewfinder framing, shooting objects to the finder, press the shutter button, a film is completed.
3. To toggle Film round, for the next shot, when counting the window appears "E / O" means that this camera when the film finished shooting.
4. To camera film back into the dark tube flush out cross-finishing shop.
5. This camera best for shooting outdoors in sunlight.
6. this camera can be 3-4 meters in the deepest dive underwater camera, underwater film degree to use high ISO, such as the 400 film.

Products through the ISO9001 international quality system certification

**It's reusable for lifetime!
**It works with normal films that you can easily get it from any photography shops!!!
**It does not need batteries!!

This is normal film camera without any megapixel.

Lens: Optical,F/9 28MM
Shutter: Leaf shutter,speed 1/100 SEC
Film to be used: 35MM format color,black/white film and slide film
Focusing: Free
View Finder: Eye level finder
Material: Plastic
Product Size: 120 x 80mm (4.7" x 3.1")
Max Depth: 10 feet (3 meters)
Best distance: 4 feet
Shutter: Leaf shutter
Lens: 28mm, f/9
Battery: No battery needed
Dimension: 119x50x84mm

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Mumues said...

how cn i order it?? is it still available???

Dy said...

I wanna order 6 of this. Can you gimme the best price? RM 42 including posting izzit?

Candy Fashion Bar said...

Mumues ----> yes, its still available.

Dy ----> let me have your email address. or just fill up the form and i will reply with the wholesale price :)

fATMA ct said...

is it still open for order?

DIEDA said...

still available ? i want :/

.buzziela89. said...

Is it still available? I want this so bad -.-

nuriz said...

still available??

Eiza Kamarul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dina Zulaika said...

I would like to order , only RM42 right ? Okay , if I really want to order I'll tell you .

Dina Zulaika said...

Btw , how can I contact you ?

mizz shaa(◕‿◕) said...

nak..........plez msg shaa kat fb..plez2...minat cgt..my name http://www.facebook.com/shaa.tipac

Ainin Suffiah said...

hye, klau nk beli borong boleh x ?

aj zie said...

do you still have it??

Unknown said...

Hi can you still restock? I would like to get more than 6 pieces. 09159897427

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